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Attractive Energy Balancing Jewelry

IQS, a USA company, energy products are the top of the line in quality at a reasonable price. IQS energy products are not based on ionic or magnetic principle but based on a specific quantum effect, providing the best energy balancing jewelry, lotion and music for people and pets.

IQS energy balancing products do not aim to manipulate energy but rather enhance all energy centers and circulation patterns.

The stylish jewelry can be worn anywhere without drawing unwanted attention.

Improved Sports and Athletic Performance

Energy sports bracelets

IQS sports bracelets have been rigorously tested for sports performance and clinical health effects at the national level in China. IQS's energy pendants and energy bracelets are the only energy balancing products that have received an official government seal certifying the product's efficacy.

The Traditional Chinese Medical Agency conducted clinical trials with over 70 patients and double blind studies. This national agency oversees the implementation of traditional Chinese Medicine. Sub Health, a branch of the Traditonal Chines Medical Agency, which oversees preventive health care clinics, conducted the studies and have granted an official seal. The prestigous Chinese Scientific Community, after reviewing the results, has given their official seal of approval.

The results were very favorable with patients reporting relief from pain, better enrgy levels, more restful sleep and many other improvements with a variety of problems. Tests conducted at the Chinese-Japanese friendship hospital, in the reknowned pain clinic, demonstrated that the IQS lotion had very favorable results with relief from pain and pain related issues (see link below for test results). IQS is currently sold at the most prestigious hospital in Beijing, the army hospital. This is where the president of China and other prominent people receive their care.
 Dr. Wang, of the Chinese Olympic Committee, supervised athletic performance test at the National Sports Center in Beijing. Doctor Wang had 20 sports doctors follow a protocol testing national and Olympic athletes for fatigue, balance, strength, recovery and performance. Dozens of athletes were used in this trial. Prominent Olympic athletes have been using IQS since and had led to great results for some in the Olympics.
View our test results.

Promote Strength, Balance and Well-being

The IQS Tr-Dynamic Energy Balance System allows quantum energy to penetrate the body through the skin with the Chi Body Lotion; through the major energy centers of the body with our pendants and bracelets; and through the environment with our Quantum Disc sound vibrations.

Some results will be noticed immediately while other effects may be seen over the course of days, weeks or months.

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IQS products are not medical devices and have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other pertinent government agency. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All testimonials are anecdotal and are not intended to represent scientific studies.