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Introduction to IQS

Quantum Physics and its’ relationship to physical matter has the world of physics and philosophy intrigued. It seems that all of physical matter, including our bodies, is a product of various qualities of energy. The energy around our body and sub-atomically at the cellular level is often referred to as the Quantum Field. The Quantum energy gives rise to atomic particles and informs the electromagnetic dynamic of the entire body. The Acupuncture meridians are an example of a system being influenced by the Quantum Field. The Quantum Field appears to intelligently create order. Therefore Intelligent Quantum Solutions, LLC offers an approach that brings coherency to these energies that are under constant environmental assault.

Intelligent Quantum Solutions LLC, IQS, is pleased to bring to you energy frequencies that enhance your Acu-Field. IQS is designed to bring order to your energy within the body, as in energy pathways, around the body, as in the aura and the main energy centers. The aim of IQS is to bring balance to your energy system including the bioelectrical activity of cellular communication. The guarantee of IQS is that you will feel the balance in the exercises in the enclosed literature. You will be the difference that makes a difference.

Eastern Medicine has for thousands of years recognized the electrical nature of the human being and the universe as well. Physicans and healers of many cultures have long recognized the cause of many problems; physical, mental and emotional are due to energy imbalances. For example the Chinese look to balance your energy, including Chi  energy, with acupuncture and the Japanese may do this through a light finger touch to energy centers.

The human body is electrical in nature. Anyone familiar with electrocardiography, EKG, knows that the electrical current traversing the heart muscle prior to it’s heart beat is what is being measured. Electroencephalogram, EEG, measures brain wave activity. The cells emit light, the sodium-potassium pump, we have been taught for a long time, is electrical. The ions of sodium and potassium interact at the cell wall through electro exchange. This makes the central nervous system function properly. Without electrolytes, a compound in solution that conducts a current of electricity, to make all this happen we would die. Western Medicine has demonstrated the electrical nature in many different ways.

 IQS energies were harnessed by a bio-energetic process, with a proprietary technological delivery system, discovered by its’ facilitator, Roger Bollinger (pictured). Roger began his career in healing with a Bachelors Degree in psychology. He is a graduate of Duquesne University where he specialized in Existential/Phenomenology. After graduating in 1977 he went to a two year, private school in Natural Healing, Southwest University of Natural Therapeutics, furthering his studies, and then later obtained certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu. Roger has been doing various forms of energy work since 1978, when he began work with “magnetics” as taught by Ina Bryant of Phoenix, Arizona. Ina was a pioneer energy healer.

Jin Shin Jyutsu was first introduced to America in the 70s by Mary Burmeister. Mary learned in Japan and it can be argued that no one understands energy dynamics like Mary. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the exploration of the nature of creation through energetic dynamics and much more. Here is where Roger’s understanding of energy became more dynamic. After years of experience working with energy in various ways, Roger has pinnacled his career with IQS energy products.