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personal testimonial from Mark O.

Simba, my 9 yr. old husky-shepard mix had arthritic shoulder problems for about 3 yrs. His limp got so bad that he hopped around on 3 legs and wasn't moving much.

 I purchased the IQS pet pendant wondering if it would give him some relief. I was amazed at the results as his energy perked up right away and his limp was gone within a week. Simba wore the pendant for six to seven weeks with continued improvement and then one evening, I noticed he was limping again. The next morning he was stiff and in pain while having a hard time walking. I was confused and dismayed that the pendant had stopped working until I looked closer and saw that it had come off.

I put the pendant back on him and within 24 hours his limp was once again gone and he was back to his new self. I no longer take mine off to sleep at night.

Mark O.
Hilo, HW

personal testimonial from John T.

 After using the neck pendulum I have lowered my golf handicap 5 points, 13 to and 8. I find my balance is improved and I have more energy- used it for 5 months so far. Great product

John T.
Scottsdale, AZ

personal testimonial from Manny L.

Count me as a former skeptic who is presently amazed at the effectiveness of your products. I am a classcal music performer who experienced a rejuvenation of energy the first evening I wore the pendant. I felt "in tune" with my colleagues and have never enjoyed playing the Beethoven 4th symphony more than I did that night. I have since bought a pendant for every member of my family of four. They all feel more energetic and balanced. Thank you for your research

Manny L.
Plymouth, MN

personal testimonial from Yang L.

My IQS experience started with the pendant. I am 54 years old and required at times to drive long distances for my work. It often leaves me fatigued and tired. Once I started wearing the IQS pendant I no longer felt tired during the drives and my energy levels went way up. I also have been dealing with increasing pain in my knees since 2003, especially when using stairs. I put the IQS lotion on my knees and after several minutes the pain is almost gone even while climbing stairs. I have recently started using the lotion on a red rash area that I have had for 2 years. I use it once a day at night. It has only been 5 days so far and the rash is almost gone. Unbelievable! Great product!

Yang L.
Bejing, China

personal testimonial from Leslie L.

My 10 year Jack Russell terrier has suffered from moderate seizures most of her life.  Before wearing the pendant the seizures happened every 2-4 weeks and lasted 5-10 minutes, loosing control of major muscle groups and occasionally consciousness.  Within a month of wearing the pendant the first seizure was much shorter and she retained consciousness.  She has worn the pendant for 8 months and has only had 3 seizures (about 2  months apart).  During the last seizure, I was able to keep her coherent by talking with her -- she stayed in the present and actually fought off the paralyzing affects!  I attribute her improvement to the pendant.  Thank you

Leslie L.
Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Lisa B.

My experiment encompassed a 2-week period.  I used two vases of flowers, in different rooms but facing the same light, one with IQS activator, one without. The flowers were a standard mix but the carnations completed the test. In the vase without the activator, the carnations died after 9 days. The carnations in the vase with the activato were just beginning to die on day 14. Also I began watering my house plants with the charged water and was delighted to note that my begonia bloomed for the first time. My maidenhair fern also perked up with new growth along with a couple other plants.

Lisa B.
Mudge Island, B.C. Canada

personal testimonial from Niu L.

I am 77 years old. Since 2004 I have been suffering from skin nerve pain throughout my arms and back. I have gone to many hospitals seeking treatment and was given different types of medications such as pills and oinments that had little to no effect. In Sept of 2006 I put the IQS lotion on my skin on the affect areas and it reduced my levels of pain right away! I am so happy! Now, I use the IQS lotion every night before bed because it helps me sleep well and without pain through the night. Thank you so much. Niu.

Niu L.
Senyang, China

personal testimonial from Jim B.

I put an IQS pet pendant on my friend's dog and within two weeks the dogs arthritic symptoms were gone, dandruff cleared, appetite improved and he no longer acts old and feeble! I had splitting of the skin around my cuticles for a long time. After using IQS water activator and pendant, it cleared and the health of my nails improved. Also, two of my friends told me that their skin is better. I have been involved in alternative health care for twenty years and I can say this product is definitely exciting!

Jim B.
Pittsburgh, PA

personal testimonial from Amber

I used the IQS pendant and water activator for my 10 yr old daughter. I thought it might be helpful in her gymnastics. She is a talented athlete buy every little bit can help. She had a competition coming up so she wore the pendant daily and I put the water activator on her H2O jug. Now, only a few days prior to this competition her coach gave her a new beam routine to learn. We didn't have high hopes for her placing very high. Anyway, she was ROCK SOLID on the beam and scored 9.225 which is a very good score. Her coach was amazed! I wonder if IQS just didn't have something to do with it.

Honolulu, Hawaii

personal testimonial from Charlee

Since I have been wearing it (about three months) I have also benefited from a definite sense of increased energy and clarity, a remarkable improvement in mood stability and sounder sleep.  My favorite improvement is that of waking up and "tuning in" to the day more quickly and with FAR less effort than before I wore the pendant. My coworkers also inform me that wearing the pendant has mitigated conditions and behaviors that used to bother them!

Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Jason H.

My sister was hit by an "impaired" driver (he legally wasn't drunk) on the way to Payson for her honeymoon in May of 2002.  She spent two months comatose after a couple days of brain surgery and cranial recunstruction (she now has titanium plate as part of her skull, which in itself might interfere with proper motor functioning, since metals usually have a negative effect in the body).  Thankfully, everyone we knew had everyone they knew praying for her.  She was never expected to fully recover, and at best we were told it would be years before she gained back self-suffeciency.  At worst she would never wake up.  Three months after the accident she was in physical therapy.  The doctors were very impressed and couldn't explain what had happened.  Within a year she was back in Texas with Reese (her new husband).  She has since regained her skills through a combination of relearning and remembering.  Often she will relearn something like tying her shoes and then a month later suddenly "remember" that she has known how all along.  The only problem she has left is that she is kind of clumsy.  She has a tendency to bump things, stumble, etc., like a really tired or ill person would.  Since she has been wearing IQS taped to her medic-alert bracelet (which tells paramedics that she is at high risk for seizures and airport security that terrorists didn't hide box cutters in her head) her clumsiness vanished.  When she forgets her bracelet, she's back to having to work harder at performing mundane tasks smoothly.  When she puts it back on she feels like her pre-brain-damaged self again.  Hope that answers you question.

Jason H.
Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Shaun

When I started the IQS product I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Now I only smoke three or four cigarettes a day after putting the IQS Energy Activator into the cellophane of the cigarette pack. This change ocurred virtually overnight. I also feel more awake and focused as the day goes on. Before the IQS products entered my life, I would get home from work only thinking about a two to three hour nap. As of now, I get home from work still feeling like I could work another shift. This product also helped the aches and pains of being on my feet all day. I think the IQS applicator is great, and everyone would benefit from it.

Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Kyle

As a beginner surfer, there hasn't been too many days I would consider good surf sessions. The first time I wore the IQS pendant while surfing I had a real feeling  for the wave, which resulted in the best ride of my life. My balance was way better, foot movement was more precise, resulting in the biggest and longest ride I had ever experienced. Since continuing taking IQS out into the ocean, my surfing has improved greatly

Honolulu Hi

personal testimonial from Louise

July 18, 2005 was the first time I put on the IQS Activator. I have Fibromyalgia, and that day I had a flare up and was in alot of pain. Around 10:00 P.M. that night I felt the pain was letting up a little. By 11:00 P.M. it was gone. I felt really good and had an excellent night of rest! Most of the time I wake up in excessive pain and it is hard to get out of bed. After I putting the IQS Applicator on I get up with no pain. I couldn't believe it. It is great!

Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Jeannette

I have been putting the iqs disk in my pocket and one under the liquid I drink and find that I have more mental clarity, I don't seem to have the muscle symptoms that has affected me for a number of years. I appears to be improving with time in my mind and I have been involved with energy work for a number of years from Reiki, energy healing training and now using the frequencies of biofeedback with my own business.

Mesa, AZ

personal testimonial from Susan S.

I had stopped addictive substances a while back including innappropriate food items and still had the negative thought patterns of 'want' that was a bit of a mental battle each time they came up. I succeeded in erasing them and not giving in each time, however, they continued to be thought annoying. I just noticed this week that the addictive thoughts have gone and when I 'check in' mentally about them, there is nothing there. I am very very happy about that result! Thank you IQ Solutions!!!

Susan S.
Merritt Island, FL

personal testimonial from Michelle G.

The necklace pendant I've been wearing has been GREAT! After wearing it for only a few days I've been able to sleep much better.

Michelle G.
Honolulu, HI

personal testimonial from Xoe M.

I am a performance artist who works in a coffee ship in the morning, works on my art in the afternoon and attend college at night. My hectic schedule was leaving me exhausted and overwhelmed. Only days after keeping the energy activator on my person and charging my water with the water activator, I began to notice a significant change. I now find it easier to manage m time and I am not as energy drained at the end of the day. I also have cut back from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to ¼ pack a day. The energy activator has also enhanced my meditation. IQS has improved my clarity of thought and heightened my daily spiritual experience.

Xoe M.
Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Bonnie B.

Since using the IQS pendant; I noticed, I definitely had more energy. While doing my workout; I noticed the workout went more smoothly and more quickly than before. My arms felt stronger while doing push ups. I remember feeling surprised because I hadn't done them in awhile and usually that would make the push ups much harder to do. I've also noticed that I sleep more soundly and have less nightmares.  When I wake up, I feel more alert and in general stronger all over. I'm convinced the IQS pendant gives me strength, energy and a general sense of well being. I NEVER TAKE IT OFF!

Bonnie B.
Niagara Falls, Canada

personal testimonial from Mike E.

Since I had over the years developed some balance problems I was very interested (and somewhat skeptical) to try the IQS disk. First, I tried standing on one foot with my arms stretched out horizontally. It took a lot of movement of my foot on the floor and some movement of my arms to keep from losing my balance. Mr. Bollinger then put an IQS disk in my shirt pocket and we talked for 3 - 4 minutes. He then asked me to repeat the test. Approximately 85 to 90 percent of the movement was gone and I felt comfortable standing on one foot. Quite frankly, I would not have believed it if I had not been doing the test. I also felt more comfortable walking and using stairs and had less shuffling of my feet. Needless to say, I got my own disk and one for my wife. She commented that it didn't seem to make any difference with her balance (she has excellent balance), but seemed to work in other ways.

Mike E.
Phoenix, AZ

personal testimonial from Maria P.

I recently purchased the IQS pendant and I am sold on your product.  For years I could not sleep on my back because of back pains.  Since wearing the pendant I can sleep on my back with no pain!!  I went back and bought several more for my family and friends

Maria P.