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IQS Product Tests

In the approach used by IQS to demonstrate the effect of energy frequencies, a combination of testing has been used. Our test results involve the use of high-tech equipment and human subject testing.
Be sure to test your pendant or bracelet first before you use the Chi Body Lotion, Quantum Water Bottle, or Quantum Thermos. Always use the charged water last in your experiments. Once you drink the water you will not be able to do the before tests with the Acu-Field Activator and the other applicators.
These tests should not be used if you have injuries or are prone to injuries.
You only have to pass one of these tests for the IQS demonstration to be a success. Have fun!

Strength and Balance Tests

Applied Kinesiology tests are used by many in the healing arts for verification of effect of product, substance or method of healing. Kinesiology tests demonstrate a person's response, good or bad, to a particular stimulus. This is refered to as muscle testing. Many people in the healing arts believe this to be the best form of testing. The tests numbered 1-4 below are Kinesiology Tests.

Click on the pictures to see larger images and watch the videos, or click here to see video selections

1. Wing Test with Assistance - Stand on one foot with your arms extended to the side, parallel to the floor. Your assistant should stand to your side, by your wrist. Applying pressure, gently and slowly, increase downward pressure on your arm at the wrist. At the same time you will resist by applying upward pressure. At some point your body will tip or your arm will give way. This should be accomplished within a few seconds.

Now return to a neutral stance position and put the Acu-Field pendant or bracelet into your pocket. Return to the Winged position and have your assistant repeat the test. You will Feel the Balance.

2. Wing Test without Assistance - For some people this is a little tricky to self observe. It is helpful if you have someone watch your foot and leg to see if they see a difference in your stability.

Do the same procedure as above but do not include force on the arm. Take the winged position and observe your sense of balance. Return to neutral and put your pendant or bracelet in your pocket and assume the winged position. Now return to the winged position and see if you feel the difference. It is best to do this without too much distraction.

3. Locked Arm Position Test - As you stand squarely on two feet bring your arm to your side extended parallel to the floor. It is helpful if you pull the arm slightly behind you, although this is not necessary. You will need an assistant to stand off to your side and put gentle and increasing pressure on your wrist for a few seconds. After your arm gives way return to neutral and put the Acu-Field Insert into your pocket and repeat the procedure. You will find the strength in your arm increase significantly.

This is a hard test to do sometimes with strong muscular types. The tendency here is out-muscle the test and the assistant. Test one is sometimes more appropriate for those situations but give it a try.

Note: Choose one of these tests and do the other tests below on a different day as to not mix up the energy applications. Before you do the tests below remove your pendant or bracelet.

4. Repeat the tests with the Quantum Water Bottle or Quantum Thermos - This is very simple. Choose one of the above test or all three. Do the before tests first for all three if you are planning to do all.

Now put your water or beverage into the Quantum Water Bottle, or Quantum Thermos for one or more minutes. This can be done with any beverage.

After drinking your beverage do the same tests to observe the after effects.

5. Repeat the tests with the Chi Body Lotion - This is very simple. Choose one of the above test or all three. Do the before tests first for all three if you are planning to do all.

Apply lotion liberally to the arms and legs and the energy centers as shown on the label.

Note: the images below illustrate heat distribution throughout the head both before and after IQS is applied.

1. This is an image of an individuals head with out a cell phone.

2. This is an image of an individuals head with a cell phone and before the IQS energy has been placed.

3. This is an image of an individuals head with a cell phone and after the IQS energy has been placed.
(note the similarities between this image and image number 1)


Thermal imaging tests reveal that IQS energy modulate the electromagnetic field of combined microwave and low frequency energy. The device used for this test was was a cell phone.

Exposure to the cell phone immediately brings more blood, therefore heat, to the head. Using the I.Q. Chip on the cell phone and utilizing the same time frame, the blood flow appears to be more normal.

Gas Discharge Visualization, (GDV) was invented by a professor of physics in Russia, Konstantin Korotkov. Professor Korotkov confirmed observations from Germany and Brazil, that the stimulated electro-photonic glow around human fingertips contained coherent and comprehensive information about people. In using GDV tests, IQS found that IQS energy has a statistically significant impact on the energy systems of the individuals tested. The acupuncture meridians and the energy field around the person becomes much more coherent, balanced and enhanced. The energy overall increases and resists deleterious effects of electro-magnetic-fields. This system has been approved the Russian Academy of Science for use in the medical industry without limitations. The weakest organs/subsystems can be identified at a glance, as a disruption in the recorded electrophotonic glow that the GDV measures.

GDV testing also demonstrated that EMF exposure had a negative impact on the human energy field. GDV tests show that IQS energy ameliorated that effect plus enhanced the person's energy beyond their normal baseline. This occurred even during EMF exposure.

Click HERE to see the GDV Tests

(a computer's representation of a person's energy in and around the body.)

Electro Meridian Imaging is the measurement of the 24 source points allowing for evaluation of acupuncture meridians. This device was initially developed in 1951 in Japan, by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani and recently innovated by Dr. John A. Amaro of Arizona.

Doing a before examination and an examination 30 minutes after use of IQS energy it was apparent that the meridians became much more balanced. There is less splitting and spiking within the meridians and overall better coherency.

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